"They say its all in the mind; damn straight it is, and there lies 
the issue


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I was just your average 50 - something year old dad of 6, working a 9-5. That was until a few years back when I went through one of the toughest times of my life. I had depression to the point where I contemplated ending my life. 

Hi I'm Rick Cowley, I am an Author, YouTuber, Podcaster and a mental health Ambassador. Born in Enfield, England in 1964, my life has certainly been a busy one, father of 6 children, grandfather to many more and for me everything seemed 'normal', well that changed a few years back, I suffered from mental health issues where I even thought about suicide. Now that's changed. Through hard work and perseverance I have come through the other side don't get me wrong it was a huge struggle - which you can read about in my upcoming book 'From a Broken Mind' - but I am out the other side and I am help motivate and inspire those who are not only suffering with depression but also stuck in all kinds of situations or scenarios, who are thinking of giving up or have nowhere to turn to, or even someone to talk to

Through my channels including Social Media & YouTube, I want to guide people through the human experience, not just the medicines and the therapy (these can and do help people too) using human interaction, fitness and the power of conversation. 




Rick Cowley -
From A Broken Mind

'From a Broken Mind' is the highly anticipated raw journey of a mans experience with suffering from mental health. My raw and honest journey of the struggles I faced, the toughest time of my life. In this book I go back through my life and assess all my actions which conceivably all contrived to lead me to where I contemplated suicide and how I got through it and came out the other side stronger than ever before. 

This book is not a scientific book, I am not a mental health expert - I am a 50 year old man who has been through severe mental health issues himself and everything in this book is raw and true. I wanted to share my story for everyone else out there who has been, is going through and may go through dark times. I want to share my message of 'You can get through it' whilst giving you an insight to how I did just that.

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