From A Broken Mind

From A Broken Mind is a raw insight into severe depression. The book is unfiltered, brutally truthful and without exception quite damning at times, on myself... why? Well let’s just say, realisation played a massive part in my recovery.

The book unravels why it happened to me, and how it opened up a Pandora’s box of eye-opening facts and home truths, culminating in a maelstrom of emotions. This book is a tell all and explain all. It is written in black and white layman terms which keeps it real, it includes scripts for those who want to help their loved ones, friends and acquaintances but are unsure how to. I hope you all find the inspiration to evolve into a beautiful future whoever you are and whatever your going through and I'm also hoping that you will connect with the words written, either directly or between the lines, for there lay the hints into recovery.

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From a Broken Mind

The honest, open and raw insight into severe depression. Rick Cowley's 'From a Broken Mind' is an eyeopening & truthful experience in to depression.

In this book Rick tells us how depression sunk him to the lowest moments of his life, his battle for survival & his recovery.